Piping Up: The Skills and Traits of a Pipefitter

Pipefitter planning

Unlike a plumber who also deals with piping issues, a pipefitter is specifically trained to install, maintain, assemble, and repair piping systems. These piping systems could be industrial, commercial, or in the marine industry. Like a plumber, though, pipefitters must undergo extensive skills training and apprenticeships before being certified. Read on for the rundown on the types of personalities and traits that make a good pipefitter, the type of training that is required, and the types of pipefitting jobs that are available after going through an apprenticeship.

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Paralegal Job Description: What Paralegals Do On A Daily Basis


A paralegal is trained to work in a law firm and to provide support for the attorney who supervises the paralegal. As of yet, there is no one definition of a paralegal in the open market. Guidelines in both the terms of a paralegal’s overall job description and in the Canons of Ethics prevent a paralegal from practicing law without a law license or otherwise holding himself out as one who can give legal advice or provide legal help. All that being said, paralegals often work with clients, both with and without the authority of licensed attorneys.

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Guide: Online Data Entry Jobs From Home

Working From Home

It is easy to find high paying online data entry jobs from home. A quick search of the Internet will allow you to discover numerous data entry jobs that will permit you to work from the comfort of home without having to observe an office dress code, pack a lunch, or tackle an unwanted commute. Working at home can allow you to spend more time with your kids and other family members. It will also give you, the worker, an extremely flexible schedule, permitting you to accept as much or as little work as your other scheduled activities allow. 

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Can Wearing Glasses Really Help With Your Job Interview?

business woman in glasses

Everybody knows that appearances matter on job interviews. When you go to an interview, you already know that you need to be dressed in your best clothes and have your grooming in check. But did you know there’s something else you can do to make your appearance more appealing to potential employers?

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The Duties of a Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great way to find out if a career is nursing is right for you.  It allows you to step gently into a health care career while spending a minimal amount of time on education.  Before you take the step of getting your education as a nursing assistant though, you should become familiar with the responsibilities of nursing assistants.

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How to Become a Speech Language Pathologist

Mother and daughter reading game

Speech-language pathologists improve people’s lives by helping them to communicate more effectively. The path to such a position requires dedication and years of education, and most speech pathologists enjoy their work immensely.

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To ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ Social Media at Work

Global social media network

No one can deny that social media has changed our culture but is it for the better or worse? It has opened doors that were once locked to the public and has made international companies accountable for their actions. Social media is a powerful tool but it’s also entertainment and most people use it for the latter.

Some examples of social media websites are Facebook (being the most popular), Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr. You probably use some of these sites on a daily basis and most of these websites have been blamed for unproductive employees over the years.

So the question is; Do social media websites make employees do less work? Should they be banned at the workplace? Some companies have already done this and there are recent studies that show the effect of having a social-media-less environment.

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